2015 YEP

Europe (and Northern Africa)

July 10, 2015 to July 22, 2015

7 students from 5 countries: Denmark, Finland, Israel, Netherlands, Switzerland

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August 8, 2015

2 students from Japan

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January 30, 2016 to February 14, 2016

Students from mainland China

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Other Information

The District 4-C4 Youth Exchange Chairs for the 2015 Lion Year are:

  • Lion Augusto Valera
  • Lion Michael Chan
  • Lion Frank Tang

2015 Slide Deck

Powerpoint presentation for Cabinet Meetings, visitations, etc.

YEP 2015 Presentation

The 2015 District 4-C4 Youth Exchange Program team is composed of Co-Chairs Lions Michael Chan, Dr . Jun Valera, and Frank Tang. The district's YEP was revived by Lion IPDG Jack Van Etten's commitment to youth through the innovations of last year's YEP Co-Chairs Lions Dr Jun Valera and Romy Molina. With the vision and dedication of Lion DG Macy Mak Chan, focusing on the youth exchange, youth outreach and Leos, the district's YEP is in full blast. Her goals to expand the district's YEP beyond Europe and Japan, challenged the YEP Team to strive for more...

The district's YEP is a joint venture among multiple lions clubs and non-lions. ( All other clubs are welcome to join)

  • San Francisco Fil-Am Lions Clubs and Gryphons Leo Club
  • South San Francisco Golden Gate Lions Club
  • San Francisco Host Lions Club
  • San Francisco Supreme Lions Club
  • San Francisco Chinatown Lions Club
  • San Mateo Lions Club
  • San Francisco Marina North Beach Lions Club
  • San Francisco Premier Lions Club
  • San Francisco Circle Lions Club
  • San Francisco Highlands Lions Club

The following dedicated lions and friends of lions showed their passion and commitment for the success of our district's YEP. Take note that they contributed their 3 T's (time, talent and treasures). And there is no single lion or single club contributed more than others. The district's YEP is a joint venture program, and every participant of this joint venture is entitled to be recognized, no more no less than others. Other lions and individuals may not be listed but they contributions is much more important.... it is credited up! Countless meetings, plannings, phone calls, brain storming and pleadings, etc.( Partial list, some names may not be included unintentionally)

  • Lion Verdie Thompson
  • Lion Luisa S Valera
  • Lions Helen and Anthony Casaclang
  • Lions George and Marie Poon
  • Lions Sandra and Bernie Vergara
  • Lions Rufo and Vem Macaraeg
  • Lions Roger and Yolly Cayabyab
  • Lions PDG Esther and Leland Lee
  • Lion August Valera III
  • Lion Araceli Aguilar
  • Lion Roy Blanco
  • Lion Ryan Perez
  • Joyce and William Puopolo
  • Garry and Tess Lynch
  • Lions Manny and Evelyn Paje
  • Lion VDG Rod Mercado
  • Lion Dr. Teresita Degamo
  • Lion Sean Bugayong
  • Lion Ora Seyler
  • Lion George Paminiano
  • Lion Helen Marte
  • Lion Frances Tolosa
  • Lions Bud and Lorna Feria
  • Lion PDG Larry Wong
  • Dr Penelope Cruz
  • Lions Chester and Thelma Ajero
  • Lions Jose and Rosa Ebalo
  • Lions Billy and Flor Camota
  • Lions Billy and Linda Morete
  • Leo Tessa Valera
  • Lions Jess and Angelina Mostasisa
  • Lion Orlando Angel
  • Lion Cip Ayalin
  • Lion Margaret Lee
  • Lion Wilma Norona
  • Lions Pat and Paz Ancheta
  • Lions Mario and Norma Panoringan