Europe 2016

July 16, 2016 to July 27, 2016


Saturday, July 16

See Flights (Welcome Committee) page for more information on arrivals.

Rest day with host families after pickup.

Sunday, July 17

Rest day with host families for all groups

Monday, July 18

Non VA Group

Lion Roger will pick up Lion Rufo and Lion George's students @ Lion George's house

Lion Luisa, August will pick up Lion Gary's students @ his house

VA Group

Lion Arvin will transport his students for the day

All groups joint activity

10:00 - 12:00: Lions In Sight Warehouse in Vallejo located at 1404 Lemon St, Vallejo. Lion PID DR Bill Iannacconewill welcome them in the Lions In Sight of Ca and NV. Lunch provided by LIS (hamburgers). They will sort/clean/grade/pack used eyeglasses to be distributed to third world countries.

12:00 - 2:00: Jelly Belly Factory Tour

2:00 - 4:00: Vacaville Outlet Mall

VA Group only

4:00 - 5:00: American Canyon Walmart

Tuesday, July 19

Non VA Group

Lion Luisa will pick up Lion Rufo and Lion George's students @ Lion George's house, Lion Tess's students @ her house

Lion George will pick up bikes @ Lion Luisa's house.

VA Group

Lion August will pick up Arvin's students @ VA cafeteria

All groups joint activity

10:00 - 10:30: Land's EndViewpoint

10:30 - 12:00: Stow Lake, lunch provided by Lion Luisa

1:00 - 3:00: Golden Gate Bridge

3:00 - 4:00: Crissy Field

4:00 - 5:00: Palace of Fine Art

VA Group only

4:00: LucasFilm Ltd Offices

Wednesday, July 20


Non VA Group

Lions Luisa

9:00 - 12:00: San Francisco Food Bank volunteering

Possibly Treasure Island

VA Group

Lion Tracy

SF Downtown area, union square, shopping malls

Thursday, July 21


Non VA Group


Possibly Lion Vem bring max 4 students, joint activity with VA group

VA Group

Sue Luger

Trail hike, Marin Headlands, Marine Mammal Center, Nike Missile site, Sausalito

Lunch bag and snack c/o Sue, thanks!

Friday, July 22

Non VA Group

Lions 1st VDG Mario and Rose

Activity to be determined

Possibly Google (Mountain View), Genentech and YouTube (South San Francisco), Facebook (Menlo Park), San Jose area, etc


VA Group

Rest day

Saturday, July 23

Non VA Group

Valera Family Unit

Twin Peaks

Mission Dolores

Chinatown and Far East Cafe for Lunch

Union Square

Observing District Rigadon practice @ Grand Hyatt Hotel

VA Group

Rest day

Sunday, July 24

All groups joint activity

Chaired by Lion Rufo and Vem Macaraeg

Potluck Picnic and BBQ @ Rufo's house

All available Lions, Leos, host families, supporters and District 4-C4

Monday, July 25

Non VA Group

Picked up by Lion Rodger @ their respective houses

Taken back home at 5:00 PM by Lion Luisa

VA Group

Pick up @ VA hospital by Lion August, take MUNI around San Francisco c/o Valera Family

Accompanied by Leo Christine and Leo Leonard of GRYPHONS Leos Club

Taken home @ Japantown by Lion Arvin

All groups joint activity

Lion Helen Marte

10:30 - 11:30: San Francisco Main Library tour

11:30 - 1:00: Lunch at City Hall c/o Lion Helen, and Mayor's office tour

Asian Art Museum (closed)

1:00 - 2:30: San Francisco Main Library redistribution center tour

2:30 - 3:00: Walk down Market to Westfield Shopping Center

3:00 - 5:00: Westfield Shopping Center free time

5:00 - 5:30: Westfield Shopping Center rooftop

5:30 - 6:00: Metreon Shopping Center free time

VA Group activity only

6:00 - 6:30: Domino's Pizza downtown c/o Valera Family

6:30 - 7:30: Japantown and Daiso Japan free time

Tuesday, July 26

Rest day and shopping for all students

Wednesday, July 27

Departure @ SMF (Sacramento) ?11;40 am ( WILL CLARIFY TIME), some students leaving from SFO

NEED VOLUNTEERS to drive to Sacramento with luggage

Possible volunteer- Lion Roger and Yolly,

Lion Arvin will bring 3 students to ONT,

Lion Luisa and August will bring students to ONT

Will announce later if we need more volunteers.

More information posted later

Recommended Activities:

SF City Hall Tour, SF Mayor's Office courtesy call,SF Library book packing, City Hall, Asian Art Museum w/ Lion Helen

Union Square, Chinatown

49 mile scenic drive,Twin Peaks

Shadowing at Balboa High School with Lion Margaret Lee ( for Japanese students)

State Capitol Tour in Sacramento, Old Sacramento tour, Train Museum in Sacramento (fee?)- ? too far

Host Families

VA Group

All students from this group will be picked up at 7:30 AM and dropped at 4:30 PM at SF VA Medical Center located at 4150 Clement St, SF at designated area ( hospital lobby)

Host Lion Arvin Neypes (SF Fil-Am LC)

621 Maiden Lane E, Pinole, CA 510-275-9111

  1. Alexander Guagusch, m/17, AU-1
  2. Anton Heynickx, m/19, BE-1
  3. Bayard Veekmans,m/16, BE-2
  4. Malte Kristensen,m/17, DE-3

Non-VA Group

Students will be picked up and dropped to their respective host family or designated area

Host Lions George and Marie Poon (SF Supreme LC)

575 Acacia Avenue, San Bruno, CA 650-438-4118

  1. Alessandra Nasi,f/17, IT-1
  2. Caterina Martoni, f/17, IT-2

Host Lions Gary and Tess Lynch (SF Fil-Am LC)

506 Monterey Rd, Pacifica, CA 650-753-4761 Home: 707-980-4281

  1. Lea Rahnau, f/18, GE-1
  2. Clara Umhauer,f/16, GE-2

Host Lions Rufo and Vem Macaraeg (SF Fil-Am LC)

775 Alta Loma Dr, South San Francisco, CA 650-274-9296

  1. Amber Van Rooij,f/18, NE-1
  2. Lisa-mae De Vries,f/19, NE-2


Welcome Committee compose of District Officers/YEP team, Lions and host families

All available Lions and Leos greet students

Schedule of flights/arrivals will be posted

Welcome banner/Club Banner/etc

Flight Information (Saturday, July 16, 2016)

  • 10:04 AM AA167
    • Maria Vitoria Melluso (C5)
  • 12:55 PM OS7325
    • Alexander Guagusch (C4 Arvin)
  • 12:55 PM LH454
    • Clara Umhauer (C4 Gary)
  • 2:45 PM SK935
    • Alma Skoog (C5)
    • Malte Kristensen (C4 Arvin)
  • 2:49 PM CM208
    • Valentina Wolff Lirio (C5)
  • 4:20 PM LH9052
    • Paul Mitterhauser (C5)
  • 4:45 PM AB4640(Codeshare AA41 or AA1412)
    • Amber Van Rooij (C4 Rufo)
    • Lisa-mae De Vries (C4 Rufo)
  • 6:42 PM AA037
    • Alessandra Nasi (C4 George)
    • Caterina Martoni (c4 George)
  • 7:09 PM BA6703 (Codeshare AA723) MISSED FLIGHT
    • Venla Vidgren (C5)
    • Oskari Jarvela (C5)
  • 7:40 PM LH9126 (Codeshare UA0927)
    • Anton Heynickx (C4 Arvin)
    • Bayard Veekmans (C4 Arvin)
  • 8:10 PM UA740
    • Marco Leopardi (C6 Thelma)
  • 11:34 PM DL445
    • Lea Rahnau (C4 Gary)

Late Flights (Sunday, July 17, 2016)

Due to delays in connecting flights, some students will be arriving on the following day, Sunday.

  • 1:15 PM UA0900
    • Venla Vidgren (C5)
    • Oskari Jarvela (C5)

San Jose Airport

Two YEP students will be managed separately by District A2, being picked up at San Jose Airport and driven to South by their host family. The students are Sarah Bilde and Cecilie Ru Hansen, and they will be arriving on LH488 arriving at 1:40 PM.