Japan 2016

August 13, 2016 to August 23, 2016

Schedule of Activities

Saturday, August 13

Pick up 10:00 @ SMF by Lion Jun, August, Luisa

  • State Capitol
  • Lunch @ Old Sacramento
  • Treasure Island

Drop off to respective host families

Sunday, August 14

Barbeque and get together @ Lion Rufo's house at 1:30 PM


Monday, August 15

Lion Tess Lynch

  • Japantown
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • LucasFilm
  • YouTube
  • Hiking in Linda Mar

Tuesday, August 16

Lion Helen will host the activity

Lion Espie will drop off her 2 girls and the girl of Lion Tess

Lion George will drop off his boy

  • 10:30 AM San Francisco Main Library
  • Lunch at City Hall
  • Asian Art Museum

Students will be picked up by whoever dropped them off

Wednesday, August 17

Lion August will take all students and Lion George

Thursday, August 18

Lion George will take his student and the bikes, Lion Luisa and August will take the remaining students

  • Biking across Golden Gate Bridge
  • Lunch (KFC) @ Stow Lake, and feeding ducks
  • Boating @ Stow Lake

Friday, August 19

Lion Tess and Espie will take all students

  • Facebook tour (proposed)
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Possible 5:00 Foster City Concert with Lion Bill and Eleanor on their boat

Saturday, August 20

Lion Espie will take students

  • Activities to be determined

Sunday, August 21

Lion Espie will take her's and Lion Tess's students

  • Activities to be determined

Needs volunteer for Lion George's 2 girls, or rest day

District 4-C4 Multi Club Installation

  • All students and Lion Thelma's student from 4-C6 will attend
  • Students' meal tickets donated by Multi Club committee

Monday, August 22

Lion Vem

  • Possible host family day, rest day, or shopping day
  • Activities to be determined

Tuesday, August 23

Flight from SFO to Japan

Unscheduled Activities

  • San Francisco City Hall and Library w/ Lion Helen
  • Google
  • Golden Gate
  • LIS Warehouse, Jelly Belly Tour
  • SF Food Bank Volunteering
  • Apple

Host Families

Lion Espie Ortiz

2681 Rollingwood Dr, San Bruno, CA



  1. Shiori Saito, f/16
  2. Madoka Mori, f/17

Lion Tess Lynch

506 Monterey Rd, Pacifica, CA


Home: 707-980-4281


  1. Kaito Ishigami, m/17

Lion George and Marie Poon

575 Acacia Avenue, San Bruno, CA



  1. Aina Akiyama, f/16
  2. Yui Tamuri, f/16


The students will be arriving at Sacramento International Airport (SMF) at 10:00 AM on Flight UA 5635.