Europe 2015

There will be seven European students to be hosted by our district 4-C4. Two of them will be arriving on July 10, Friday at SFO and five of them will be arriving at SFO on July 11, Saturday. Names, airlines, flight numbers, time of arrival as well as the host family info will be posted below. Two students of the seven students will be staying at San Jose with one family host,whom will take care majority of their daily activities. One student will be staying in Pacifica with one host family. Two students will be staying in San Bruno with one host family.The remaining two students will be staying stay in Vallejo and Foster City with two families ( split days). All students except students staying in San Jose, will be having the same daily activities. The daily activities will provided by volunteer lions and non-lions . These volunteer lions belongs to different clubs of District 4-C4 making this Youth Exchange Program a joint venture project . Detailed information below.


  • July 10, Fri, -Nir and Shir arrived one hour ahead of scheduled flight arrival. The following showed up with big banner and warm welcome to them : Joyce, the host family, Lions Luisa, Sandra, Dr Jun, Orlando, Mario Panoringan ( charter member of SF Fil-Am) and his wife Norma , August, and Leo Tessalou....
  • July 11, Sat - Lions Luisa, Lion Dr Jun, Lion August, Leo Tessa, and Leo Paul were at the SFO airport from 8:30 AM to 12 Midnightto welcome all the youth exchange students. Lions Sandra, Verdie, George, Helen and host family Joyce and William were also present welcoming their adopted students and welcoming some students. Lions Vickie and Dan of 4-C5 and other host families joined our 4-C4 "Welcome Committee" to make sure all the youth exchange students were taken cared of.
  • July 12, the youth exchange students helped in the preparation of the SSF Convention Center. Thanks to youth exchange students Shir, Oliviero, Joshua, Monika and Sofia. The District 4-C4 YEP appreciated their support. The Youth Exchanged students were presented during the District's Installation. Lion PIP Dr Wing Kung Tam, ID Bod Hudson , PID Bob Smith and other dignitaries were impressed of our YEP.
  • July 13, Mon- Sofia, Monika , Oliviero and Joshua will be going to Lions In Sight of CA and NV warehouse in Vallejo- lions Helen will be with Sofia and Monika, while Lion Marie will be with Oliviero and Joshua and Lions Luisa and August , and Leo Tessa will join them at LIS - Shir will be with her host family Tess and Gary the whole day. Lions Luisa, August and Marie ,Helen C and Mark , Joshua, Oliviero, Sofia, Monika and Leos Tessa and Rhayea toured and did volunteer work at the Lions In Sight of CA and NV warehouse in Vallejo, Had lunch at Seafood City in Vallejo. Lions Marie, Helen C. and Mark accompanied Sofia, Monika, Joshua, Oliviero, Leo Rhayea and Tessa to ride the SF Ferry to Pier 39 were everybody strolled the tourist area.They had Costco Pizza for dinner.Lion Marie drop all of them in their houses.
  • July 14, Tue - Lion - Helen will bring the students (5) students to SF Public library , Lions George and Marie will bring Joshua and Oliviero to the SF Lib, while Sofia and Monika, Tessa and Shir will be with drop byLion Orlando. SF Public Library tour c/o Lion Helen, visit the new teen section of the SF Lib, Packed books to be donated to the third world countries, Lion Dr Jun picked up boxed childrens books. Asian Museum lunch with Lion Helen ( Lions George, Marie, Leo Tessa, Oliviero, Josua, Monika, Sofia and Shir) Possible Asian Museum tour c/o Dr Penelope Cruz.
    • Possible SF City Hall tour and audience with SF Mayor Ed Lee.(Note: Mayor Ed Lee unable to meet the students bec of his busy sched)
  • July 15, Wed -Lion Sandra picked up the students at Lion Roger's office , went to downtown SF- rode BART, Muni, etc- strolled SF downtown including SF Chinatown. Lion Sandra dropped the students to Denny's Restaurant for the DG Visitation with SF Fil-AM LC. Lions George and Marie met Oliviero and Joshua at Denny's .Sofia and Monika met by Lion Helen at Denny's. Dinner c/o SF Fil-Am LC. After the event, Lion Helen with Sofia and Monika, Sofia was picked up by Tes, Oliviero and Joshua dropped to Lions George and Marie's by Lions Dr JUn and August. Plan of activities were discussed for the next 2 days.Feed backs from the students gathered by Dr Jun . Activities of youth exchange students for their remaining days in SF will be modified to accommodate students' desires.
  • July 16, Thu- Lions Luisa and Lion August- 49 mile SCENIC DRIVE. Lion Helen will talk with Lion Verdie regarding Sofia and Monika's activity. Bring to Vallejo or to FC , after today's activity. Confirm with Tes on Shir's activity for the next 2 days
  • July 17, Fri - Lion Verdie will be with Sofia and Monika or Helen will be with them, depending on their discussion. Lion August possible with Joshua and Oliviero. Shir's activity depends on Tes'.
  • July 18, Sat- Evening- Sofia and Monika will attend SSF Golden Gate LC Induction or depending on the host family, Lion Verdie.Oliviero and Joshua with their host family, Lions George and Marie attending SF Host LC induction. Morning and afternoon, Sofia and Monika with their host family , attend Lions Eye Foundation activities. For Shir- depends on Tes, for Joshua and Oliviero, depends on Lions George and Marie.
  • July 19, Sun c/o Lion YECC Michael, Lions Dr Jun, August , Verdie with the 5 youth exchange students went to - You Tube, Google, Monterey, Carmel by the Sea, lunch c/o Lion YECC Michael, 17 Mile Drive , ( Sta Cruz, scenic Highway 1, Light House- for Oliviero, Joshua, and Shir)
    • Birthday Dinner for Joshua with Oliviero) c/o Lions Marie and George.
  • July 20, Mon, c/o Tes SF ZOO
  • July 21- Tue -c/o YECCs' Lion Michael and Dr Jun, Luisa , August and Verdie with the 5 students to Sacramento- Old Sacramento, State Capitol Building


So far, our set up for housing/lodging for our & youth exchange students:

  • Sofia and Monika
    • will be lodge (housing) by Lions Helen and Anthony in Vallejo from July 11 to 16
    • will be lodge (housing ) by Lion Verdie in FC from July 17-22
  • Shir
    • will be lodge(housing) by Gary and Tess in Pacifica from July 10-22
  • Nir and Jesse
    • will be lodge (housing) by Joyce and William in SJ from July 10 (for Nir) to July 22
  • Joshua and Oliviero
    • will be lodge (housing) by Lions George and Marie at SB from July 11 to 22

Daily Activities

So far, our daily activities. The idea is, the host family will provide the lodging only unless he/she wants to have his/her adpoted son/daughter to be with him/her during the day.

  • For Nir and Jesse
    • all daily activities from July 10 to July 22 will be taken cared of by Joyce and William.
  • For Shir
    • all daily activities from July 10 to 22 will be taken cared by Gary and Tess, ( Tess and Gary will coordinate with our group otherwise)
    • For July 10, Fri- arrival day, will be picked up by Lion Luisa in SFO and will be dropped to Gary's and Tess' residence in Pacifica later as arranged .
    • For July 11, Sat- She will be dropped around late AM or noon to airport by Tess to participate in welcoming most of the youth exchange students, will communicate with Tess if she will be dropped to Pacifica or will be picked-up at the airport since it will be a long day for "Welcome Committees" at the airport
    • For July 12, Sun - She will attend the District's installation. She will be dropped to SSF Convention Center at arround 2 to 2:30 PM by Gary to help in the preparation of the venue. She will be dropped to Pacifica after the District's Installation by volunteer lions (possibly Lion Luisa)
    • For July 13, Monday, She will stay with her host family ( Tess and Gary)
    • For July 14, Tue , she will join Sofia and Monika's activity. She will be dropped to Lion Roger's office located at 1618 Sullivan Avenue Suite 203, Daly City , CA tel 650-755-9690 (This will be the main meeting center- drop zone and pick-up zone) before 9 AM by Gary and will be picked up before 6 PM by Gary.
    • For July 14, Tue, see Sofia and Monika's event
    • For July 15, Wed, will follow Sofia and Monika's activity
    • Will follow Monika and Sofia activities unless host family Gary and Tess will have activity for her
  • For Monika and Sofia
    • For July 11 Sat c/o Lion Helen
    • For July 12 Sun c/o Lion Helen 4-C4 Induction
    • For July 13 Mon c/o Lion Helen and Lion Luisa and Lion Marie :Lions In Sight Warehouse, Vallejo- Ferry from Vallejo to SF
    • For July 14 Tue, July 15 Wed, Lion Roger picks up the students to Lion Helen's residence at 7 AM and bring them to Lion Roger's office in DC to be pick up by Lion Volunteer at 9 AM for their daily activities. The volunteer lion will bring back the students to Lion Roger's office in DC before 6 PM . Lion Roger will bring the student's to the residence of Lion Helen in Vallejo. Lion Roger will return the students to Lion Verdie's residence in FC on July 16 Thu.
    • For July 14 Tue activity- c/o Lion Helen, Dr P, Lion Orlando, Lion DG Macy and Lion Michael--All students will be pick-up at Lion Roger's office at 9 AM by Lion Orlando except Oliviero and Joshua who will be drop to SF Lib by Lions George and Marie., SF Public Library books packing, possible SF Library tour, UN Plaza tour, Lunch at Asian Museum, Asian Museum tour c/o Dr Penelope Cruz, Possible audience with SF Mayor Ed Lee, photo-op, SF City Hall tour. All students will be dropped to Lion Roger's office before 6 PM. Gary will pick up Shir except for Joshua and Oliviero who will be pick up by Lions George and Marie at SF City Hall or Asian Museum.
    • Lion Orlando will bring back Sofia, Monika, Shir and Tessa to Lion Roger's office before 6 PM.Shir will be pick up by Gary at Lion Roger's office before 6 pm.
    • For July 15 Wed c/o Lion Sandra -SF downtown -lion Sandra will pick up students at 8:45 AM at Lion Roger's office in DC and return them at lion Rogers office in DC before 6 PM. Lion Roger will bring back the students to Lion Helen's residence in Vallejo.
    • For July 16 Thu c/o Lion Luisa San Francisco area driving the 49 mile SCENIC DRIVE, possible VA/UCSF visit, interaction with Veterans and UCSF students, Legion of Honor, GG trail , possible shadowing for students interested in health care. Students will be brought to Lion Verdie's residence in FC
    • For July 17 Fri c/o Lion Verdie -Movies, Shopping, Tour of Foster City, Wash clothes, Personal time...
    • For July 18, Sat c/o Tes- Lands End, Cliff House Dinner c/o Tes, Sutro baths, Beach, etc...
    • For July 19 Sun c/o Lions YECC s' Michael, Dr Jun , and Lion Verdie , Lion August with Sofia, Monika, Oliviero, Shir , Joshua to YouTube, Google, Monterey, 17 Mile Drive, Carmel by the Sea , lunch c/o Lion YECC Michael , ( Sta Cruz , scenic Highway 1 for Shir, Oliviero, Joshua- Light house) Birthday dinner for Joshua c/o Lions George and Marie at Beijing Buffet ( for Joshua and Oliviero)
    • For July 20 Mon - c/o Tes - SF ZOO.
    • For July 21- c/o YECC Lion Michael, lion Luisa, Lion August, Lion Verdie to Sacramento area- possible visit to Old Sacramento, State Capitol Building, boating....etc
    • For July 22-Wed Leave SJ -Jesse, the rest SMF-Sac
  • For Joshua and Oliviero
    • they will be picked up at Lions George's residence in SB by any volunteer lion responsible for any day activity and be returned to Lion George's residence in SB at night.
    • For July 11, Sat- They will be pick up by Lions George and Marie at SFO
    • For July 12, Sun - They will attend District's Installation, Lion George will drop them to SSF Convention Center at 2 PM to help in venue preparations. Lion George will bring them home after the District's Installation.
    • For July 13, Mon - Lion Marie will accompany them to Lions Insight Of CA and NV.
    • For July 14, Tue- Lion George will drop them to SF Public Library
    • For July 15, Wed, will follow Sofia and Monika's activity
    • Lion George agreed to drop them to Lion Roger's office ( meeting place) before 9 am and will pick them up at Lion Roger's office before 6 PM - Lion George will communicate if he is unable to pick them up
    • For July 16, Thu- they will attend the SF Supreme LC meeting 6 pm to 9;30 pm c/o Lion George
    • Will ask SF Host to sponsor them including Shir ( total of 3 students) to attend the SF Host Installation.Lions Araceli, Roger C, Romy concurred but needed boards approval.
    • all daily activities of Joshua and Oliviero might follow the activities of Monika and Sofia unless there are activities prepared by host family, Lions George and Marie.


  • Serving breakfast for the homeless at Glide Memorial in SF but starts at 7 AM, preparing sandwiches for the homeless, starts 9 AM -usually 2 hours.
  • SF Food Bank - starts 9 am or 10 am last 2-3 hours- preparing food for the seniors/community.
  • Downtown walk tour, SF Chinatown tour, Cable car ride, etc or Golden Gate Park- Stow lake picnic -boating, bicycle , etc...

Welcome Committee

The Welcome Committee is composed of lions, leos, non--lions and host families. Our district having the geographical jurisdiction of SFO, we will "Welcome" all arriving youth exchange students, regardless of whether we are hosting them in our district or otherwise. Our district is the face of USA! The hospitality of district 4-C4 is next to none! Everybody is welcome to be part of the "Welcome Committee'.

Bring your snacks, flowers, token, mementos, your smiles, your friendship to the "adopted " sons and daughters from overseas! Best way to promote PEACE !

Wear your lions vest/uniforms, pins . Bring your club banners. Be proud to be a Lion or Leo. Show who we are and what we do! The next Lion maybe one of the SFO employees or passengers or bystanders... Just ask!

There will be 2 students arriving July 10, Friday ( both of them arriving same flight). SF Fil-Am and Leos will be there including one of the host family. The SF Fil-Am/Leos will bring the other student to her host family as planned/discussed with the host family.

There will be 18 students arriving on July 11, Saturday. Five will be hosted by our district. Most of the host families of the five students will be present in the airport. There will be Lions, Leos, non-lions host families in the airport. There will be other lions from the different lions clubs present in the airport. The District Governor and the Youth Exchange Committee Team as well as representatives of the multiple lions clubs participating in this joint venture Youth Exchange Program will be present.